232 Locke Street South is a charming Victorian building with 1,412 square feet of commercial space available. When constructed during the late 1800s, it was in the heart of a neighbourhood occupied by railroad workers and their families. Today, Locke Street South is a diverse and thriving shopping district in the lively Kirkendall neighbourhood, just beneath the Niagara Escarpment.


232 Locke Street South is a two-storey brick building that has been upgraded for commercial purposes while retaining its original charm. The authentic brick exterior and peaked roof echo its Victorian origins while the open-concept main level supports a thoroughly modern shopping or dining experience.


The main level measures approximately 1,100 square feet. Its original cathedral ceiling adds a sense of spaciousness and the tall windows provide both ample natural light and an appealing view of the Locke Street neighbourhood. Additional rooms and a bathroom are upstairs.


The side and front of the building have plenty of space for an outdoor patio, making it an ideal location for a restaurant. Multi-vehicle parking is available off of the back alley.


232 Locke Street South is surrounded by boutiques, cafes, niche retail outlets, and professional services frequented by locals and visitors alike. Locke Street also holds street festivals throughout the year, including Spring Blooms on Locke, the September Locke Street Festival, and the Christmas Open House.

Yoke Group

At Yoke Group, we are committed to bringing inspiring visions to reality. Inspired by the charm and potential of 232 Locke Street South, we are proud to give it new life as a commercial space that’s both an asset to and extension of the community.